Waterfall engagement session: David and Gabriela {Brazil, Destination wedding photographer}

She said YES! My little brother got engaged last week and I am so happy to be gaining a new sister!!! Last December, David told me he was planning to ask Gabriela to marry him soon after she graduated from college. He asked my help to pick a ring and to plan a special portrait session to celebrate this moment. So I took a plane to Brazil and helped him with some ideas to pull this engagement session together before the actual proposal. We had to keep it a secret from Gabriela to not spoil the surprise, but she was a bit suspicious and kept asking me if he was going to pop the question that weekend. To distract her from the idea, we told her we were spending the day at this beautiful waterfall and that I would love to take some pictures of them if they would model for me. Seemed convincing enough, right? The day went by fast and it was a fun afternoon full of adventure. We hiked to this gorgeous waterfall location immersed in nature’s lush green colors. It was peaceful to be surrounded by forest and take in the relaxing water sounds mixed with the songs of the tropical birds on the trees near us. We explored the surroundings and had a quick picnic by the water. I took their portraits, then we went swimming. Even though it was 93 F it only took a moment to find out the water was very cold. Freezing cold to be exact! Everyone ran back out, but I didn’t care. It felt wonderful to me. I remembered the piles of snow back at home and I simply refused to get out of those crisp refreshing waters I now had to myself. I soaked in every last drop of sunshine I could. It was a surreal experience! I am filled with joy and gratitude every time I think about this unforgettable day.

Last week, my brother sent me a picture of their rings in a box and told me he was ready to propose. They were taking a vacation with Gabriela’s family to the Iguazu Falls near Argentina to celebrate her officially becoming a veterinarian doctor. It was the perfect moment at the perfect place to make their engagement official. I wish them all the amazing beautiful things they can experience together. There is no greater blessing than to marry the love of your life and I truly believe that. My heart is full.

This engagement session was held at Recanto Pinhao resort ‘s waterfall in Maua da Serra, Brazil. View their other love session at Londrina’s Arboretum in south Brazil here.

I will always cherish this picture of my little brother and I.

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Raffaela Stock